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Our Team - Chairman and Senior Partner



Chairman and Senior Partner  

Zohair Ammar became Chairman & Senior Partner  of ZSCORE Events & Sports Marketing Consulting in 2011. In addition, he serves as Score Sports Consultancy Group President & Founder, Chairman and Senior Partner of other Score Sports Consultancy Group branches in the following countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Namibia and Qatar.

With over thirty (30) years of extensive knowledge in sports industry, strong technical and management leadership, business development, negotiation, strategic decision-making, project planning. Zohair Ammar is one of the pioneer experts who introduced sports marketing and sports management to the Arabic speaking countries and the corporate sector during the early eighties.
Zohair Ammar has outstanding academic qualifications, including experience as an educator, coach, sports sponsorship director and official instructor to many sports organizations worldwide. His passionate teaching style will motivate you to make sports sponsorship work for you and your individual situation. He unites participants in the course with an interactive teaching atmosphere so that they can share their successes and blunders!
Zohair Ammar holds many senior positions at top sports governing bodies such as ministries of sports, national Olympic committees and national sports federations. He is still initiating and negotiating sports marketing deals for both the corporate sector and sports national governing bodies.

In the international governing bodies sector, i.e. the international Olympic committee, he is one of the six consultants who deliver the sports consultancy program and has recently advised the national Olympic committee of Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Sudan about sports marketing and the implementation of current practices dealing with sponsors and all the related issues i.e. clients services, event management and hospitality programs.

In the corporate sector he is the one who established a multi-million dollar pioneering sports marketing department that helped a major worldwide telecom company tackle the lack of the professionalism of both the sports bodies and the sports marketing agencies in the area... he has also held similar positions training the staff of sports marketing agencies and sports television departments.

Furthermore, he is currently advising a group of businessmen in the GCC region how to establish sports consultancy companies and providing the necessary expertise to recently established specialized sports oriented corporations.

Being an international sports instructor he is currently introducing educational programs for the international Olympic committee (IOC), the international volleyball federation (IVF), as well as the international athletics federation (IAAF).

He has been a keynote speaker at many sports marketing conferences held in the five continents and delivered for the first time sports marketing seminars and clinics in the GCC countries namely; Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE.

 Vision & Strategies:

Examples of courses introduced by Zohair Ammar and the beneficiaries

Courses will be ideal for the following participants:
    • Personnel responsible for sponsorship or corporate managers who want to improve their skills.
    • Sports governing bodies who dream of doing a professional fundraising for their organizations.
    • Anyone who is passionate about a career in Sports marketing.
    • Anyone who wants to learn about the sports marketing industry, while keeping current
    • Those with other responsibilities and commitments that only allow educational opportunities of
       short duration


Sports marketing for corporate

    * An overview of the rapid growth area of corporate sponsorship in sports.
    * Examines methods of securing corporate sponsorship and maintaining a mutually beneficial
        relationship with the sponsor.
    * Includes research, segmentation, product development, pricing, licensing, and communication channels such as advertising, sales promotion, publicity, public relations, advertising, use of celebrities, sales promotion, sales force involvement as well as economic and public policy issues.

Sports Sponsorship for sports organizations

    * Detailed consideration of the relation between sports and corporate sponsorship programs.
    * Focuses on alignment marketing, sponsor value, and sponsorship evaluation.
    * Legal and public policy issues in marketing sports organizations, athletes, and products, including intellectual property, licensing, sponsorships, agents, antitrust and contract law.

Sports marketing for TV & media professions

    * Offers skills to build sports marketing structure for newspapers, TV broadcasters, sports editors, and how to implement sponsorship at any sports activities.
    * Participants will learn the art of how to sell daily/weekly sports column coaching shows and how to sell a sports personality.
    * This course can be an opportunity for any sports media professional to grow their sponsorship and generate money through sponsorship and advertising.



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